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Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams is the collaboration tool for your team that is part of Microsoft Office 365 and that integrates all your colleagues, documents, processes and other tools in one convenient place so that your team can be more efficient. The Vizito integration for teams brings even more efficiency to your team by sending out automatic notification to your colleagues when a visitors signs in for them at the reception.

The installation of the integration is really easy and consist out of 2 easy-to-follow steps.

Before starting, please make sure that you are an administrator in Office 365. If not, please forward this guide to one of your IT administrators so that they can connect Vizito with your Office 365 organisation.

Step 1: connect Vizito to your Office 365 organisation

Go to and click on the Add to MS Teams button.

You will be redirected to Office 365 and asked to either sign in or to allow access to the Vizito integration.

If everything goes according to plan, you will see a popup in Vizito that mentions that the integration is pending.

Now you will have to install the bot in Microsoft Teams.

Step 2: install the Vizito bot into Microsoft Teams

Either install the Microsoft Teams Vizito app

2.1 Microsoft Teams Apps store

Find the Vizito app under "Apps":

microsoft teams vizito app 1

2.2 Manual installation

Download our bot package from . 

Open Microsoft Teams and click on Apps in the left bottom corner:


Upload the file you just downloaded, you should see the following screen:


Step 3: Configure the Vizito app

Click on our App and you get prompted to add the Vizito bot to you Teams, confirm this:


Now select the team in which you want to install the bot:


Once completed, you will see the following message:


Now your colleagues will receive notifications via Microsoft Teams when a visitor arrives for them. You can try it out by selecting yourself as a host for a test visit. Feel free to contact us at to remove any test data.

Please make sure that the email addresses registered in the Manage hosts section do match the email addresses that are known in Microsoft Teams, as this will be the link between the Vizito hosts and your Teams colleagues.

on 06/04/2021 by Pieter-Jan Dries
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