Role based access control

These roles are available:Employee, Security guard, Receptionist, Local admin, Global admin. Each role has the following rights:

Permission Global Admin Local Admin Receptionist Security Guard Employee
View dashboard
View current visitors
Send emergency notification
Mark visitors as safe
Account settings          
Manage account settings
Manage other locations
View all visitor information
Host management          
Add/remove hosts
User management          
Add/remove users
Visitor management          
Pre-register visitors
Sign in visitors


To use our role based access control navigate to "User management" > "Manage users" and press the Add button:

rbac 01

Enter the following details:
First name, Last name, Email, Function title and Role.

rbac 02

rbac 03

An email was dispatched to the newly added user:

rbac 04

The newly added user will have to set a password while verifying their account:

rbac 05

Notice that not all menu items are available for the selected role:

rbac 06


on 03/25/2019 by Steven Gilissen
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