Which placeholders can be used? (badge, notifications, ...)

First name:  %first_name%
Last name:  %last_name%
Here to see:  %recipient%
Company:  %company%
Address:  %address%
Zip code:  %zip_code%
City:  %city%
Phone:  %phone%
Email:  %email%
Signed in:  %signed_in% or more in detail: %signed_in_year% - %signed_in_month% - %signed_in_day% - %signed_in_hour% - %signed_in_minute% - %signed_in_second%
Signed out:  %signed_out%
Photo: %photo%
QR code: %qrcode-placeholdername%

Replace placeholdername with one of the following: a hardcode value you want to use (for instance a URL to your website, %qrcode-www.vizito.eu%) or a reference to a field that exists in your Vizito configuration (for instance %qrcode-recipient% will generate a qrcode with a value of the Host being visited)

Note that you can even use your custom fields, be sure to encapsulate the keyword with the % sign and use an underscore to replace a space.

on 10/29/2015 by Steven Gilissen
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